Make 3 pivotal changes to
Your Operations & Metrics Reviews.

Step 1.  Publish your Official Metrics Book - online.
No need to spend money on layers and layers of BI tools and software and IT support to collect metrics.   Stop manually brewing metrics from many spreadsheets and data sources. Instead, use a web-enabled central metrics repository, so you get a single version of the truth.

Step 2.  Setup a consistent process for your Operations Reviews.
No need to conduct Operations Reviews, creating PowerPoint slides, over and over, every month. Conduct reviews via the web and track all issues, risks and action items in a timely manner.

Step 3.  Engage your organization to deliver by metrics.
Get BEYOND just reporting on metrics.  Setup metrics ownership/subscriber roles and a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for all metrics-related issues.  Engage everyone to "deliver to metrics" and to participate in Operations Reviews.  Establish a Metrics Center of Excellence.

Get a firm GRIP on your metrics.   Get GRIP: a unique, web-enabled platform to collect, report and make decisions on metrics - released at the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference Boston MA.   GRIP is our acronym for Governance Rigor using Integrated Processes.

Give us a call or write to us.  Learn how easily you can setup a web-enabled process for collecting your metrics and conducting your Operations Reviews and put it into practice. 

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