GRIP - Governance Rigor using Integrated Processes.


R&D/NPD Planning & Portfolio Governance

Have a firm GRIP on R&D/NPD Opportunity / Portfolio Planning & Approvals.

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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Have a firm GRIP on your R&D/NPD Project / Product Pipeline Management.

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R&D/NPD Metrics

Have a firm GRIP on your R&D/NPD Metrics. Setup a centralized Metrics Governance platform.

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Integrated R&D/NPD Governance Platform

Have a firm GRIP on your R&D/NPD Governance: from Idea to Market - as a web-enabled process continuum.

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R&D Business Operations

It is not just managing your R&D Commercialization Portfolio.  
It is about running R&D/NPD like an entrepreneurship.

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Lean R&D

Move away from the hype and pontifications - get to know the practical aspects of "Lean R&D".  
Implement and put it into practice.

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R&D Commercialization Architecture

Get a footprint of your R&D Commercialization Architecture.  Optimize processes, assets and collaboration across your Idea-to-Market Lifecycle.

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