Have a firm GRIP on Operations Metrics.

Integrated Environment for three initiatives:
Operations Metrics, Operations Reviews & Decisioning Process
& IT Support Process to delivering Operations Metrics.

You may be having weekly/monthly metrics reporting and reviews. Your process may be working fine, with everyone doing their part, filling out spreadsheets, extracting data from systems and then emailing it to some primary contact.  In turn, your primary contact would create a PowerPoint deck with beautiful charts and comments, for you to review them.

As a senior executive, you may be refering to the Review Deck and sitting with your peers for an Operations Review. You make decisions, send out emails and talk to people, based on the PowerPoint slides, but your decisions are unrelated to your Review deck.

What you may not realize is the excessive manual hand-off, manual compilation of data and churn. And it happens week after week, month after month.  You may have not thought of having a web-enabled platform with a centralized database to manage your entire Metrics Review Process.

All with GRIP-Metrics, a web-enabled workflow engine.  
Here are the features:

  • Configure your own metrics
  • Feeder Systems Integration
  • Role-based workflow engine
  • Data Quality, Latency Exceptions
  • IT SPOC - Single Point of Contact for Metrics Data Supply
  • Domain-based Metrics Meetings
  • Real-time Metrics Control Panel
  • SPOC - Single Point of Contact for Metrics Coordination
  • Centralized Metrics Repository
  • Automated PDF Reports
  • Issue Tracking / Escalation
  • Metrics Stakeholder Meetings
  • Metrics Compliance Engine
  • Integrated Document Repository
  • Optional SharePoint Integration

GRIP-Metrics is an Integrated Performance Management Environment. It is the first of its kind. While current BI tools are concerned about collecting and presenting BI data, GRIP-Metrics is concerned about automating the processes surrounding the Intelligent Use of BI data.

While BI tools focus on the "power of knowledge" and address the need to get "faster answers", GRIP-METRICS enables the "power to act upon the knowledge", by constructing a disciplined and configurable "BI Analytics Business Process".

Underneath, GRIP-Metrics is a powerful Master Data Management engine from a performance management perspective. GRIP-Metrics embeds a unified metrics data mart for defining, collecting, tracking and reporting on an organized set of metrics, cascading down from KPIs down to tactics. It maps every metric to business strategy, drivers, functions, priorities and other qualitative aspects as well as business initiatives and their progress.

Beyond just reporting on metrics, GRIP-Metrics serves as a metrics-driven management control system that sets the discipline and rigor of conducting business by metrics.

Realize the benefits of a
MDM (Master Data Management) Engine for Metrics.
Get a firm GRIP on all your Operations Metrics.

GRIP-Metrics sets up a powerful "Intelligent and Focused BI" operating environment, beyond just a mere existence of BI tools. It brings together the metrics, the processes and the collaboration surrounding the use of metrics in a single, automated, virtualized platform. GRIP-Metrics helps achieve the "best use of tools and BI information", establish "best-in-class" business practices across your enterprise and brings your organization together.

GRIP-Metrics is not just for drastically cutting down your TCO from an IT perspective - it addresses your critical fundamental business issues of visibility, excessive business resource utilization, and most of all, the time and energy wasted in BI environments. To the C-Level executives, the benefits are just immeasurable. It is a big relief as it saves you a lot of frustrations.

If you stand still, you are falling backward.
Overcome all "Common Objections":

  1. We already invested. Our processes are fine the way they are.
  2. This is not in my RADAR. I do not have time to get this done.
  3. I do not want to get into long-drawn ERP implementation.

Make it easy to make the switch.
Not just claims, but Key Differentiating Factors:

  1. Our Template-driven, Rapid Implementation Process
  2. Typical 4-6 weeks committed "time-to-go-live":
    with data conversion, configuration, user acceptance and rollout.
  3. Not just software implementation, but process transformation,
    training and engaging the organization
  4. Our "zero IT overhead" inclusive of support and upgrades
  5. Our engagement model - with no hidden fees and surpirses